• Top-rated product: Braemar TQ435 is incredibly cheap to run, easier and cheaper to install than ducted refrigerated air conditioning facilities. It offers • 100% fresh air – no stale recycled air. The windows and doors can stay open. It replaces all the air in the home every two minutes (also drives out odours and stale air)
  • Important features: It doesn’t dry out the eyes, skin or plants. Quiet running means a good night’s sleep and no harmful refrigerants.
  • Zoned heating capability: The ducted gas heating range by Braemar is unlike any other systems you’ve ever come across. They’ve combined efficiency, performance, safety and reliability to bring you the best of ducted gas. It benefits to suit your heating needs. It is also zoned heating capable.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Every innovation is carefully designed to deliver the optimal energy-efficient and intuitive experience to its customers. It’s very easy to install and maintain. Every Braemar system continues to set the standard for efficiency.
  • Better performance – reverse cycle works less efficiently when outside temperature drops, ducted gas efficiently remains steady.
  • Quality materials: Braemar ducted gas heating units are Australian made, using premium grade materials and supported by a comprehensive factory-backed warranty. While our engineering and quality control procedures mean we don’t think you’ll ever need to use it, our warranty is there for your protection and peace of mind.
  • IMPORTANT: Remember to always use qualified, licensed installers who have been trained to install Braemar products. While we stand by our product quality, a poorly installed product may not operate properly and can even be dangerous. So be sure to buy your product from us.
  • Consistency: Keep your family warm throughout the cooler months. Braemar is vital for the health of you and your loved ones to have consistent warmth.

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